Call for submissions from artists and creatives

Job: Call for submissions from artists and creatives, The Box - Brighton-based project space

Contact Ellie Dimmock ellie.thebox@gmail.com

Call for submissions from artists and creatives for artworks, objects, curios and multiples to be included in 'Immaculate Consumption,' a curated exhibition and performative response to consumption, which will run from late November until late December.

To apply, send up to three images of your objects(s)/artwork(s) and a short description of the item(s) to Ellie Dimmock (Project Manager): ellie.thebox@gmail.com

- Works of any medium are welcome, including time based (DVDs etc), editions and multiples.

- Objects must be small in scale.

- Please price the works to sell. Sales will be shared equally between artist and project space. Any proceeds will contribute to the programming of the space.


- To explore issues surrounding consumption during the festive period

- To provide an interesting ‘shopping experience’ that exists alongside traditional purchasing

- To document included work

- To raise the profile of artist's work

- To create revenue for the artist and space.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 17th October 2008

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