Constructive Conversations

Working with new materials, perhaps our expectations shape them in prejudiced ways. At the recent New Materials / New Technologies seminar , an audience member brought up the idea of entering into a "dialogue" with the stuff we design. Perhaps this approach is part of a wider shift that we're picking up on? From This New Moon:

“Now we have to make an effort to make this century a century of dialogue. Using force against disagreements is out of date. We must talk and respect others as a part of ourselves. Because of high energy use, rising living standards, the whole world is heavily interdependent. The concept of We and They is no longer. The whole world should be an OUR. The concept of war is eliminated when there is no enemy! With dialogue, just a few words is not sufficient. The way of life should be advanced. Consider others as a brother and sister. Respect them no matter how difficult it is. We can find some way to find a solution: compassion is an important attitude.” HH The Dalai Lama, Vancouver 2008

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