Manel Torres and his Fabrican, yes, a fabric in a can, was one of the speakers in the recent Textile Futures Salon 'What future for living textiles?' in the ICA
An interesting snap shot of artist, researchers, architects and scientists working on 'living textiles' in the context of the body and built environment.
These Salons can only give you a taster of the amazing projects people are working on, but its a great pathway to find out more. The Thursday session, on 'living textiles' with Manel, Suzanne Lee, Clive Van Heerden from Philips and Richard Bonser from the Centre for Biomimetics was a true trip down memory lane for us Puffandflockers, old favorites which we we impressed by their recent developments.
The Friday session, on the built environment, with the likes of Mark Goulthorpe from MIT and Mette Ramgards from CITA, was a revelation - inspiring and exciting in the field of spaces that move and react. Both were high tech and CAD driven, but the most exciting projects came from the marriage of craft skill and technology - drawing in space to create designs for building and using traditional patten cutting techniques to create a snug fit on a complex fabric structure.
Always worth seeing.
Some searching and demanding questions were posed by the audience, often from researchers in the scientific realm to who some of these project may appear basic or conservative. How can we shake up the textile industry? How can we marry science and design effectively?
It is a void which puffandflock are here to explore, address and explode...Watch this space



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