What is the nature of a puff?

We have been doing some heavy thinking on the topic of co-existence. Is it possible to have both a puff and a flock? Can a "flock" of geese be considered a "puff", for instance? Or can we view a "puff" of smoke as a "flock" of suspended carbon particles? (hm....that don't sound right. Anyone know what smoke consists of???) Today's research on the topic has uncovered a very promising specimen: The poodle!

Following this exciting discovery, which proved that puff and flock can coextist, we had a celebration. But, having no logo as of yet, it wasn't possible. This led to some experimentation in the logo lab. It was a late night session, fuelled only by the thin fumes of an early morning coffee. Well, we have to start somewhere.

Anyway, it's pretty crazy, all of those vertical lines and circles (or segments of) which can be found withing the words "puff" and "flock". Don't know...can you guys see it??

Shit, I don't know...these things are always so much better in our heads haha! I swear there was something interesting there! Well, maybe just a little more work will help.

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  1. Can we have a flock of puff(s), or puff of flock?