European Color Design Award 2008-2009

Call for entries to competition

For a first time, the German "RAL gGmbH" (Sankt Augustin) and the "Institut Farbe.Design.Therapie" (Frammersbach) is inviting submissions to compete for the European ColourDesignAward for the period of 2008-2009.

This prize rewards exceptional performance in terms of concept, design, skill and artistic or scientific merit where colour has been used as the main design tool.The aim of the European Colour DesignAward is to enhance colour consciousness in design. At the same time, we wish to promote the potential of colour for the design of products and services of any type.
The particular interest of the awarding bodies is in projects that put the effects of colour deliberately into the forefront.We therefore invite all individuals and institutions working in various areas of colour design and application to participate in this competition.Students of European Colleges of Higher Education are particularly encouraged to take part in this competition. Their entries are subject to special terms and conditions.Also, we pay specific attention to science projects that concern themselves with the examination of the role that colour plays in man’s natural habitat or the environment he has made for himself. For this too there are special entry conditions.Any work that has been completed after 1st January 2003 can be entered into the competition.

The closing date for all applications is the 1st August 2009.

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