DIY !!! Show building - Milano 09 Design week - Designersblock feat. Puff & Flock

The show is in the end, as always, looking glamorous and fantastic :)
but we like to show the behind the scenes. We love this messy nerve breaking never ending torture of show building up. We might be getting more and more used to it !
2 days of work... taking shape.

Louise, we have a big thought for you, the signs are gorgeous, the balloon furniture looks gorgeous, shame you are not here ! lots of photos to come up soon.

Everyone else, if you happen to be around, don't forget tomorrow is our cocktail party evening at Designersblock site where we are !
see press release in previous post for address and details of the venue.

Sincerely, and tiredly,

the Puff & Flock Gurlz

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  1. This is great, BRAVO everyone! Looking forward to hearing about it from Kathy - have a fab time.