Puff & Flock Mobile Briefcase - Work in Progress

Story reminder... As an itinerant group, we wanted to design a tool that would follow us in our adventures, to transport inspiration and ideas, a mobile box that opens up to show and debate, experiment and discover...

wow wow wow (a rendered view)

This is coming together thanks to Tom Ballhatchet (pictured), a great designer and friend who sorted all the annoying technical bits out for us... (if you thought MacGyver was a myth, you were wrong)

Unfortunately the finishing of this wonder of design will have to be delayed because of a missing part (our lovely laser cutting technician lost a key bit... the back of the whole suitcase, and left on a well deserved holiday leaving us in our frustration. Awesome.)

No Milan this year for Puff and Flock Mobile Briefcase (or maybe we bring half of it? let's see), but certainly a Milan design week FEATURING us, the Puff & Flock Ladies, super soon. More info the next few days on what we've been up to, leaving this blog to dry pretty much...


Jenny, I hope you are having strawberry margheritas with your tacos in Mexico, we miss you so come back asap. Don't forget my cactus.

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