Call for Material Science / Technological Collaboration

Not being a materials scientist, but highly interested in the development of new materials, I am currently looking for setting a technological collaboration in order to develop architectural surfaces that change shape in response to the environment.The goal is to design customized surfaces with specific performances, with the desire to develop applications out of the engineering sphere, fitting within a domestic/architectural context.

The challenge is to establish a real dialogue between science and design with a strong emphasis on making. The idea is to work hand in hand to develop innovatives samples, leading to the concretisation of a working prototype at 1.1 scale.

Specific material interest
Technologically speaking, my prime interest resides on phototropic and photo-responsive polymers such as light-induced shape-memory polymers, but electro-active polymers, piezoeletric materials and shape-memory alloys could be an alternative. My attention is also triggered by biomomicry approach.

Would you be interested by such an approach ? I am looking for a collaborator in the field of biomimicry, material science/engineering, someone with the ability to develop materials such as photo-responsive & shape-changing polymers. So feel free to get in touch with me, I am looking forward to hearing from you:

Aurélie Mossé, PhD Student,Tectonic Textile

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