Puff & Flocking NYC (finally !)


Here are the visuals for the breaking news... we are so so busy (being on a break? working some more? visiting the family? witnessing weddings? if only you knew !)
FABULOUS SHOW and being in New York, obviously awesome.

Puff & Flock sponsored (we wish) by samsung mobile

saaaaaaammmmples !!!

Elisabeth's shower curtain "Spiky" is our star, check this "starfish" kid out :)

Jenny, intrigued, and intrigued the crowd with her magnetic wall coverings

Kathy's cosy woven light corner

Melissa's street corner, Urban Upholstery

The Cookie Wardrobe and Mess Eater Wallpaper,
I met the people from Kidrobot <3 wooooooooooh

Our cool neighbours, "Dead Good", at the end of the show :)
Summarizes well the physical state on tuesday night.

The fact some people knew us there already was a BIT scary but hey isn't it why we are doing it for?

LOVE, >Amelie + Puff + Flock

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