Architectural Robotics

An Emerging Case of Ubiquitous Computing in the Built Environment
September 30, 2009 in Orlando, Florida at Ubicomp 2009.

An promising workshop about architecural robotics that may be interesting for some textiles designers in respect to responsive architectural textiles & computing.


Robotics embedded in our built environment will increasingly support and augment everyday work, school, entertainment, and leisure activities. Archibots, a full-day workshop at Ubicomp, aims to identify opportunities and challenges in research and education in the emerging area of "Architectural Robotics" - intelligent and adaptable physical environments at all scales. For Archibots 2009, we seek position papers representing diverse perspectives from the extended ubicomp community exploring possibilities and defining anAdd Image agenda for Architectural Robotics for the year 2019 and beyond. Workshop participants will discuss these perspectives and then, in teams, sketch short videos to envision possible futures. The collected videos of the workshop are intended to stream to the Video Program. The organizers plan to publish selected position papers as an edited book or special issue of a journal, and further relations with industry and allied disciplines.



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