"Future Sustainable Transport" Kids Workshop, Canary Wharf, June 2009

The Puff & Flock team led a workshop in Canary Wharf, with Canary Wharf Arts & Events.
Children and families were invited to know more about the history of the docklands, in order to be part of a craft session involving imagination, inspiration and talent to design the sustainable transport solution of tomorrow.

Thank you to all the unique inventors who came down to design incredible solutions for the transportation of tomorrow. You were all brilliant and we are proud to present some prototypes today on our blog. A diverse range of rockets will apparently invade the place in 2050, so will the "Catertrain" (caterpillar train), the "Flying Car", and other wonders, for you in exclusivity.

The Puff girls : Jenny, Kathy, Elisabeth, Amelie

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  1. I love these photos of the kids with their creations, they look all shy and proud at the same time. Great ones for your portfolio!