Ercol visit

Puff&Flock was very pleased to visit the Ercol headquarters in Buckinghamshire. Their impressive factory and showroom was built in 2002, and provides a contemporary production environment for the 90-year old company. Read about their fascinating heritage here.

They truly maintain a balance between modern techniques and handcrafting skills - and it all happens on British soil. We were inspired by all of the processes that happen at the factory. They do everything there, from cutting and sanding the wood to upholstering the sofas.

We immediately envisioned a future where our Puff&Flock work will be churned out in such a tremendous facility - any skilled weavers and stitchers, please send us your CV!

Here we are with Jan and Oscar of Hendzel and Hunt - they were truly in their element!!



  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the visit! And I hope all those ideas work out!

  2. sounds exciting! I wish I could have been there ;)