Interactive future in Berlin on the 7th of december

For our German friends, this sounds like an interesting evening debate about intelligent architecture and spaces:

What impact have new (communication) technologies on the architecture? Often falling into related keywords such as "interactive spaces" or "intelligent architectures, what exactly does "interactive" mean? This is the conversation that the Academy of the Arts wants to bring around the three following speakers:
(1) Joachim Sauter is co-founder of ART + COM, design office for New Media. ART + COM translatea complex issues staged by means of interactive media in the space and makes them more tangible, for example in the form of exhibitions, art installations and stage sets.
(2) The London textile designer Carole Collet explores how new technologies can be integrated into textiles to create poetic and atmospheric spaces.
(3) Wilfried Kuehn pursues a very different approach. His (exhibition) architectures are not influenced by media productions, but by clear geometries, physicality and a deliberately structured sequence space.

The evening is a collaboration between the Academy of Arts and the young architecture platform, "Plan A". The new publication of "Plan A", "Sensing Space - Technology for architectures of the future" (June '09 / jovis Verlag) is dedicated to the potentials of new technology as an integral, formative forming part of architecture and provides, among other things the work of Carole Collet.

Monday 07.12.2009
19.30 Uhr
Akademie der Künste
Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
030 – 200 57-1000 / info@adk.de

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