The Oil Room 20:50 returns to the Saatchi Gallery

I first went to see this piece with my brother at the Saatchi Gallery when it was in St John's wood along side Marc Quin's frozen head made from his own blood. I subsequently went to see the installation again when the gallery moved to County Hall and now I am looking forward to experiencing Richard Wilson's 20:50 at the nearly new Saatchi gallery in Chelsea.
The sensation is weird, a little dizzying and the smell a little overpowering but the effect is amazing. The oil is so flat and still, recreating a perfect mirror image of the space above. Can't wait!

Check out the Saatchi gallery website for more images and information.

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  1. I saw the room in 2002... if I'm not mistaken... and it was one of the most memorable installations I've ever experienced.