Made in a Pink Factory

This is one of the American Apparel factory sites, which I passed by yesterday in downtown LA. One of the slogans painted atop the blocks is "Legalize LA"; another is "American Apparel is an Industrial Revolution." The clothing design chain is America's most vocal supporter of local manufacturing. Its ethical stance justifies higher prices, as compared to similar products offered by shops like H&M and Topshop, and you have to assume that our choice (as consumers) makes a big difference to the employees who work there.

American Apparel is the second largest producer of knit fabric in the USA. With very little textile manufacturing remaining here, it's easy to understand why a single brand produces more than most suppliers. The buildings above is the warehouse and sewing factory. It also was the site for one of their infamously intimate photo-shoots (here advertising their mens pants, of course).

Usually the models in their adverts are employees of stores. Is this guy a factory employee?? Yes, Legalize LA :)

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