Everyday Extraordinary

As designers pursuing innovation in textiles, we envision a future where today's "sci-fi" ideas are tomorrow's everyday, normal realities. When it comes to everyday scenarios, perhaps none is more mundane than the trip to the loo.

Makers of luminescent fibres (Kathy Schicker, are you out there?), your day has arrived:

The Glow Roll website makes a good point: "It may not be a Hadron Collider (the less said about black holes and anti-matter the better), but whilst it won't enlighten us as to what happened at the beginning of time, it will shed some light on the subject at hand, and it's a lot funnier."


But later on in their description, they get it wrong: "Allows you to see the Toilet Roll clearly at night without having to turn the light on."

You have to expose phosphorescence to light to achieve a glow, and the glow lasts 5 minutes at best. They should really have consulted our resident luminescent fibre researcher before making such impossible claims (Kathy, again I ask - are you out there?)

Link: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com

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