Art Attack in Arch 4

Hello from the Puff&Flock hub - Arch 4 in London Fields. We don't want to reveal TOO much, but as we head into the final weekend of prep-time, here is a little slice of the madness we plan to unveil next week at the LDF.

Our studio is packed with strange creations:
The ideas are coming to life, one by one, growing bigger and bigger. There is barely room for us to walk to our workspace in the back. Dr. Frankenstein must have felt something similar when his monster came to life!

Ingrid Hu building the skeleton of one of the seven monstrous costumes for Elisabeth's Siamese Accessories. Come see the finished product at the V&A's Friday Late.

Suzanne Antonelli's beautifully rendered parlour sign. She didn't back down in her quest to find the perfect tone of pink, as you can see.

Above is one of our hard-working interns, Rosanna Kennedy, who spent two days making cargo crates look dainty for the Puff&Flock Parlour.

Rosanna, again, here demonstrating her sewing skills.

We couldn't have dreamed of a better, more multi-talented exhibition prep team. And we certainly wouldn't be able to construct Frankensteinian creations without all the help!


  1. ahahhahahaha
    Santa's factory !
    What the heck is that blue thing on the left of the door on the first pict? Is that a portable toilet???? Dom is hilarious. Glorious picture !