Live from the Digital Hub at the V&A, Puff & Flock take on a sewing workshop.

While at the V&A, checking out the Digital Hub, Framed by Stuart Haygarth and Max Lamb's piece in the Cast Courts, I decided to test my sewing skills by taking part in 'Trafalgar in Flight' sewing workshop.

The idea is to reinstate banned pigeons to Trafalgar Square by making a whole new flock. Ok they are stuffed and can't fly unless thrown but they are still pigeons!

Once all the pigeons are sewn they will be taken to Trafalgar Square, photographed and set free to make their way back to their makers, as long as you gave them your address that is.

Put together by Selvedge magazine and designed by printers Thornback & Peel, the workshop took place over the first two days of the London Design Festival and is the start to a week long program at the V&A. Free and drop in, there are workshops in stitching, fabric making and metal work everyday until Friday 24th. Be sure to stop by.

The Big Stitch: 10am - 4pm, Monday 21st
Whizz Bang!: 10am - 4pm, Tuesuday 22nd
Be Bold Be Gold: 10am-4pm, Wednesday 23rd
Experiment!: 10am-4pm, Thursday 24th -Friday 25th

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