Puff&Flock Shop

The sign went up, the plinths went out, the wonderful products got put on display, and the shop opened. And four days later, it all came down! That's LDF for you: short but sweet. It was months in the making and over in a heartbeat.

For those of you who couldn't make it, our shop was designed along the theme of "parlour meets warehouse, future meets past". The Bargehouse's peeling walls and exposed brick made the perfect setting for the atmosphere.

And some of the products we were proud to carry:

Teacups by Kedo and Tea Set by Rondo

T-Shirt by Grit Hartung and Jewellery by April 23

Unique Sound Poster by Grit Hartung and Mushroom Hooks by Masako Sato

Crochet Eyeballs by Monstify

See the full collection at http://www.puffandflock.com/, and contact us for sales enquiries at info@puffandflock.com!

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