Size+Matter: Paul Cocksedge Studio for LDF

Paul Cocksedge Studio has designed this year's Size+Matter installation for the London Design Festival. Size+Matter is a platform for showcasing materially fascinating work by London's talented designers in a public setting. It brings public awareness to the festival and to London's design culture in general.

Below is a special look inside the coin, at the shape of the magnetic field. Being a magnetic materials designer myself, I was happy to have a field viewing wand on hand!

Paul Cocksedge Studio is formed of designers Joana Pinho and Paul Cocksedge. They are based in London, but take on installation projects all around the world. The result of this commission from LDF, an enormous golden magnet, testifies to their talent at using uncanny physical effects to attract attention.In other past projects, you see a variety of fascinating materials from the scientific world being brought into a design context.

The Size+Matter coin uses the wonder of magnetism to engage people. Passerby stop, attach coins to the piece, play around with the coins that are already there, and generally look delighted. Kids love playing with the coins, but so do adults. You can hear whispers of "how did he make the coins magnetic?"

The magnetic coin, hovering on its end just at the bottom of the Jubilee bridge, attracts pennies from the generous (and curious) hands of passerby. By now, hundreds of pennies have been stuck to the brushed gold surface. Barnardo's, a children's charity organisation, is going to match every penny collected with a full pound through the help of its corporate partners.

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