Kissing Shield - totally absurd series

I came across a great online database showcasing the most absurd patents ever registered in the USA. "Totally absurd", this is not a joke. I decided to share with you some pearls related to surface design... Such as, for a start,

the Kissing Shield (US Patent Issued In 1998)

"Here it is folks, hot off the presses. If you enjoy kisses but dread the idea of getting a disease, then the Kissing Shield is a "must have" item. This germ barrier consists of a thin latex membrane artfully stretched over an attractive and romantic heart shaped frame.

The inventor states the shield is for kissing the intended recipient of the users affection and is also useful for politicians when kissing babies."

Engaging !

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  1. Ah! This is an invention that I pray will never become popular. So unbelievably unromantic!! Although they did make an effort with the heart-shaped opening....