One Of A Kind

The One of a Kind Show and Sale is a kind of multi-city pop-up Christmas market featuring handmade artisan products. I visited their space in New York last week, and discovered inspiring work from artists like John Christopher Borrero (above, 'The Cicada Queen'). It was located in midtown, at 34th and 5th avenue, in the heart of the fast-paced shopping district.

One of a Kind was in NYC for its second year - its other locations are Toronto, Chicago and Vancouver, where it has been an annual event for many many years.

'Flying Machine', another intriguing piece of found object art by John Borrero

They do a good job of promoting the hands behind the handcrafting. On their show websites, they feature extensive profiles of the designers, and some are specially featured with interviews and studio photographs. Apart from benefiting the designers, this kind of promotion also drums up support for the craft industry among the shopping public.

If you're in one if the cities, I recommend either shopping or showing at the One of a Kind.



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