Peeking at Providence

Hello from Providence, where I'm starting to believe that London's shop windows might have some serious competition. This small New England city is home to a collection of universities, including the world renowned Rhode Island School of Design. The city seems touched by the artistry of RISD, and gorgeous window displays were among the many beautiful details of the city.
Above is a glimpse of the fine food available at Farmstead Downcity, the smaller satellite of La Laiterie Bistro. I was tempted by the glass cabinet of cheeses - they are expertly chosen. I found another type of expertise in a nearby window: Monster puppet expertise. We were thrown for a loop when we walked past the shiny alien eyeballs on display at Big Nazo Labs:

At that moment, I wished that I could send one of the aliens over to London to abduct Elisabeth Buecher and bring her over.

The Big Nazo Lab creates oversize puppet heads in various forms. They create bizarre spectacles in all kinds of contexts, from protests to streets to parties. It reminded me of a certain Siamese Accessories.

Later on, we spied through another interesting vitrine the textile workshop at RISD, traditionally considered the best art and design school in the USA. I was looking at the knitting studio, and couldn't help peeking at some moodboards.

For a moment, I imagined being transported back to the Central Saint Martins studios...but the aliens reminded me that my UK visa has expired. More glimpses of the USA to come. Watch this space!

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