I think I'm having an Art Deco moment

I discovered 'the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewellery of the 20th century" - Lea Stein,  by chance in wonderful little shop in Brighton full of bacolite and deco goodies.  The owner had two of her foxes - this and a pink one.

I was intrigued to read that Stein began her career working in textiles and wondered if the patterned textures were the draw for me (although I love the curved 3D sculptural elements too). 

I was surprised to learn the broach wasn't actually art deco as Lea worked with her husband in the 60s to develop the process of layering very thin sheets of cellulose acetate and laminating them to form a sandwich.   Such a lovely story of material innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Soon after, I spotted this lampshade at an antique market.  The stallholder told me "this should NOT have survived!"  It's a paper lampshade from the 1930s.  I reckon it was white but the paper is now faded to a sort of ochre.  What's so special is the yellow print which disappears when lit, and the wonderful textured black FLOCKING!

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