Paco Rabanne

c.2011 Ferrofabric

I am working on a piece of fabric (above) for a fashion designer. It's challenging to use new materials in fashion because you have to invent specific construction methods to accommodate the material. Yet the new construction methods have to blend in seamlessly with traditional materials and methods used elsewhere on the garment.

At times, it's frustrating, but these images of Paco Rabanne dresses from the 1960s and 1970s indicate that it is possible to get drape out of rigid materials....and the results are beautiful.

I felt particularly excited about the image at the bottom, because the fabric has such a clear relationship to what I'm working on. Mine is made from steel and silicone. The project is still being developed, but watch this space for the end results. Until then, enjoy Paco!


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  2. Thus looks amazing Jenny, can't wait to see the results. How will magnetism feed into the clothes?

  3. Thanks! There are pieces of steel sheet embedded within the soft latex, so the fabric is attracted to magnetic fields.