Ferrofabric for Claudia Ligari

Claudia Ligari A/W 2011

A few days before leaving London in November, I had a meeting with the fashion designer Claudia Ligari (watch her i-D interview here). She showed me pieces from her previous collection. I was floored. Her mix of craftsmanship with irreverence is something special. Lucky for me, her irreverence for rules translated into being intrigued by using Ferrofabric.

Claudia Ligari's A/W 2011 collection (full collection here), incorporating custom-made Ferrofabric material, debuted at Blow last week, and has been catching all kinds of attention. Innovation is everywhere in this collection! The cut-out wool jacket is a work of art, and seems to mark a new direction for her. I also love the perspective-dependent garments that have become something of a signature for her.

I also want to note that it was incredibly inspiring to work with Claudia. My materials are experimental by nature. It is hard to make promises because I am the the process of figuring out how the materials work, and yet collaborations are what inform the process. A sense of adventure is required, and it's very present both in Claudia and in Natasha Case of Coolhaus (my other collaborator at the moment). Keep an eye out for future collaborations between us.


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