Her Royal Henna

I've always collected these plastic henna stencils.  There's something wonderfully neat about the intricate patterns contained within the simple graphic hand shape.  
I recently visited Morocco with my daughter, and she became similarly obsessed to have a 'tattoo' painted in Marrakesh.  Delighted she was with the result!

In Morocco, I read that painting you hands is said to help you find a husband quickly.  In India and Pakistan,  elaborate decorations are applied during weddings and festivals.   I've been working on my own textile designs around this theme, and thought it would be quite amusing to subtly hint at the upcoming Royal wedding with the addition of a sapphire engagement ring.  A collection of these designs is currently on their way to Milan with the mighty men of designersblock  to be part of the goodie filled Puff and Flock Shop. Available to buy in Milan or through the online shop soon.

Cushions, eye and lavender mini cushions before being packed up..

On a less subtle note, though highly amusing, I received an update from the fantastic local Jealous Gallery with their royal offering:
Throne Up Sick Bag!   Screenprinted by artist Lydia Leith and available exclusively from Jealous in Red and Blue or Gold and Purple for only Ł10.00 per pair

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