LCC Surface design degree show 2011

James Hollerbach - 'Dirty Filthy London' - BA degree show work
We appreciate our interns, we really do. They help us out enormously in unusual and unexpected ways, and we feed them tea and cake on a regular basis... it works out well and they usually come back for more!

We have had a few of our lovely interns from the Surface Design BA at London College of Communication and last year it was James. Here he is with his print fashion collection 'Dirty, Filthy, London' - inspired by the city and created using his strong sketchbook designs.

Today I had a tour of their impressive graduation show. I liked the breadth of work; from more traditional fabric and fashion designs, through to ceramics, jewellery and installations. With themes that covered circus, dance, the flight of a cuckoo, and Pearly kings and queens, the work was well researched, well produced and often had a lots of character showing through.
There were quite a few high lights, apart from James work, including:

Lauren Estanislao's car

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