Iconic Building Commonwealth Institute

What does a building mean to a child?  
The last time I entered this incredible building, I was a child, goggling exhibits of countries of the Commonwealth.  I have very happy memories of going there and of the feel of the building.  
I remember room set ups of African villages.  My brothers remember Canada's display featured fake snow and a sledge, and lots of maps!

'Regarded by English Heritage as the second most important modern building in London, after the Festival Hall, its striking hyperbolic paraboloid copper roof reflects the architects' desire to create a 'tent in the park', it will be open as part of Open House next weekend before closing for rennovation to begin. 
As a designer, I am very happy to report that it's new use will be the enlarged home of the Design Museum in 2014.

I have volunteered to help with tours of the building next weekend and took these photos at our training session, and as an adult, loved being in there again. 
They're expecting it to be a very popular so if you want to see it, be prepared to queue.

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