London Fashion Week Print review

Inspired by the innovative prints emerging from the fashion world, and the way digital textile print is affecting their style, I decided to take a small personal overview of the Autumn/Winter collections launched in London Fashion Week recently. Here's a few to get started, I'll add more when I've got more time!
First up, Mary Katrantzou, queen of over the top prints. A departure from her last season florals, I've picked three rather crazy outfits which made me smile.
The one in the middle with a typewriter on the top of the dress reminds me of the dressing up outfits I used to make in my youth like a dress with piano keys up my front.

Basso and Brooke: These three outfits are probably the most subtle, colourwise, from the collection.  They've got a sort of patchwork moodboard elegance.

The CSM graduate shows were as varied and boundary pushing as ever.  I liked these fresh designs from Charlotte Helyar with small splashes of digital print.

Another CSM graduate - Hiroko Nakajima.  These are knitted so shouldn't officially be in this print review but they act as a calming antidote to all the manic riotous patterns!
I love them for the simple graphic shapes and wonderful colours.  

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