Middlesex University Teaching Resources!

Gel Wax from www.mutr.co.uk

You know how, when you see one of those great movies that inspires you to promote it to everyone you know, and as soon as you begin to rave about it, your enthusiasm overflows into a sermon that people back away from you slowly? Well, that's what writing this post reminds me of. I'm on a mission, but I don't want to scare you. It's just that this website is amazing!!!

Kits! Experiments! Videos of materials in action. Smart material sample pack! Plastic bags full of plastic bags. Downloadable bookmarks, Postcard Crystal Radios - MUTR is the place to go.

You can even e-mail in your science questions. If you don't have any science questions yet, you definitely need to order some random jar of weird stuff ASAP.

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