...what bark is made out of...

While watching the movie Zoolander, an affinity between one of the characters and puff&flock appeared unexpectedly. Early on in the film, Hansel
(Owen Wilson) is nominated for the title of Male Model of the Year at VH1's Fashion Awards. The show's producers have made a short video profile of each nominee to broadcast before the award is announced...

"I hear a lot of words
like "beauty"and "handsomeness"...
and "incredibly chiseled features"
To me, that's like a vanity,
a self-absorption that I try to steer clear of...

"I dig the bungee... For me,
it's just the way I live my life...
I live it on the edge,
where I gotta be."

"I wasn 't like every other kid,
who dreams about being an astronaut...
I was always more interested in what bark was
made out of on a tree...

Right on, Hansel. We're not alone in wondering about random things like that.

Tree bark research was a big part of the Sustainable Wallpaper
brief from Graham and Brown.
If you want to know more about this material, see:

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