"road works"

Sample from Sainsbury's toy department

I have this fascination about how bad and unaccurate the kids road carpets look compared to reality. I want to find connections that don't exist and make it so I get to see the space some other way than this unavoidable axonometric view of the buildings and parking lots on the flat surface, because this is not how life looks like.
All the roads are not nicely looped and linked like it appears on the carpet. I want to play but I am bored with the closed circuit.

It seems to all be about the ways.

The way you go, the way you say things, the way things part.
There supposely is always a way...
That seems to be the only thing that never leaves us and keep us going.
Accidents or luck? roundabouts or time loss? Crossroad or diversion?
I say highway. Get lost and wait for the sign to guide you. Of course then you desperately need to pee and the gas station is nowhere near. Typical. I need to know how many kilometers it will be until relief.

Amelie, finally posting something here (ready since october)
visual surface philosophy / story-teller.
as shallow
and sweetly inconsistent as it seems...

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  1. What a great metaphor for the unknown. And the fact that it's on a child's carpet shows how these false ideas about reality are implanted in our minds. Thanks for reminding us!

    It would be nice to see your interpretation of life's "ways" on a child's textile pattern. Oh wait, we already have! Available through Graham and Brown.