The Sky Is The Limit

In its mere definition, a textile is the "result of a processing technique that can be applied to many materials" writes Els Ziijlstra in her article Architectural Textile (http://www.materia.nl/). She adds that "textile embraces materials that are pressed, knitted, crocheted, knotted, spun or woven". It is either hand-crafted or manufactured. Textile design is also about surface decoration, a way of assembling and repeating patterns together as well as working on colours and textures. It can be printed, embroided, stitched, engraved, etched, cut...At Puff&flock we stand for an open vision of textile as long as it is exciting, innovative and beautiful!

When I visited "Made Up", the art's biennale in Liverpool last autumn, I found a few examples of what a textile can also be. Shown in the first photos of this post, the work by Richard Wilson Turning the Place Over is a disturbing reflexion on what an architectural surface is. The envelope of the building loses its protective function and becomes a moving pattern.

In the photograph above, the art work by Yayoi Kusama is a sealed box the size of a small bathroom full of colour-changing light bulbs which reflect to infinity on the walls covered with mirrors. A textile can even be an illusion, an immaterial way of embellishing the world!

Last but not least, this is a balloon structure by Tomas Saraceno. Textile can be stuffed or inflated in all sorts of way to become 3D structures. That is when a textile becomes a volume!

At Puff&Flock, to get inspiration, the sky is the limit!

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