Exclusive pictures from Birmingham Interiors 2009

Few words, lots of images, we are pleased to show you exclusive pictures from our last exhibition in Birmingham! A huge thank to Designer's block for hosting us!

Kathy Schicker:

Kathy exhibited her collection of smart Jacquard woven textiles called Woven Light. Using yarns that emit and react to light, Kathy created fabrics that change pattern in different lights.

Elisabeth Buecher:

Spiky is a water-saving shower curtain which inflate after 4 mn spent under the shower. The inflating spikes push you out of the shower to prevent you from using too much water.

Amelie Labarthe:

Eco Highway wallpaper (for Graham and Brown) 0% carbon footprint by travelling with your mind andHome Creatures Comfort, a playful collection of objects for the home for grown ups who don't want to grow up. Give life to your objects thanks to the use you make of them, with very low tech and affective interaction.

Melissa French:

Urban Upholstery leaves the London streets for the comfort of Interiors Birmingham 2009.

Aurélie Mossé:

Aurélie exhibited her Constellation Wallpaper, a research artefact dealing with the idea of an energy-storing wallpaper, designed for Philips Design in 2007 that she hopes to develop through the Phd in Tectonic Textiles she is undertaking within Cita, Center for IT and Architecture, Copenhagen.

Jenny Leary:

Of all materials that textiles can be made from, why are none magnetic? Jenny set out to challenge this absence of "magnetic textiles" in hopes that laboratory-style experiments would be able to generate them. The purpose of magnetic textiles would be, above all domestic functions, to excite the imagination. Magnetic fields have a well-documented ability to produce a sense of magic - they cause levitation, animation, hidden messages. After a year of research, a collection of promising samples emerged. The results have been exhibited together as a kind of portable alchemist's workshop, where viewers interact with the strange materials and engage in dialogue with the performer. The project is now entering a new stage, where the magentic textiles are being realised on a commercial scale. For the first time, at Interiors Birmingham, Jenny exhibited full-size wall panels of "Automatic Tiles" (a wallcovering product of the Ferrofabric collection).

Jo Angell:

'Solar Sanctuary', is one of a series of experimental canopies designed by Jo Angell. These aim to lure people into shade, enticing them with unusual shapes and patterns. The canopies are modular, so they can be constructed on site and grown to the size required. This mirrors nature's methods. Used outdoors, they could provide protection combined with an aura of lightness. Inside, they can change the atmosphere and colourscheme of a space.

Aysseline Roy:

Aysseline was presenting a collection of modular home accessories made with recycled materials. The Pebble Carpets are made of textured, double side, woolly, carpets of different size, colour and shape that can cover your floor or even climb on your wall.


  1. Really Amazing Work!! Keep it up! You should contact US investors for that; In fact, you might own a forerunner potential in that design type..! All the best!

  2. Any way we could buy a shower curtain? I really want one..