comfort in the office

"the ironing board" aka Amelie's office at CSM textiles studio, 2008

This is a serious matter at Puff & Flock.
Does comfort improve performances at work? I can definitely say so. For once a type of pragmatism was out of good sense. The ironing board allows you to chose the height of your work plan, and provides a soft layer for power naps. I miss my office badly now that I have a proper one, but I sort of started a research on similar design propositions.
So far, this is the best one I found :

Just close your office door open the EXECU-CHAIR

NEW EXECU-CHAIR IS DIFFERENT This is the first chair designed exclusively for the office. Closed… it looks like a regular office chair… blending perfectly with any decor. It is a comfortable chair to sit on. Yet it flips open in just a second… almost effortless into full-length 76″ long bed with a pillow rest for the head.

taken from Modern Mechanix Blog

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