"The" Puff and Flock briefcase model

Briefcase model design by Jenny Leary and Amelie Labarthe

This is how we will introduce ourselves and what we do if you physically get to meet Puff & Flock...
We sort of have a big admiration for Mary Poppins (well I do...) and got inspired by the old school annoying salesmen knocking on your door to sell you all sorts of things. We are not trying to sell anything but hope to transmit a bit of the spirit of what we do and what inspires us. We carry moods and some of our "Stuff" material library samples. Real suitcase happening in a near future as this genius piece is only foamboard. We live for low tech engineering...
Puff & Flock is an itinerant group, we make the place wherever we go. Our next station is NYC, and Milan... Meet you somewhere on the road, fingers crossed and more details from Jenny soon.

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