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Oh no! Textiles are in the news again. I found this piece of journalism tucked away in the back of today's Metro, thanks to the eye-catching title.

This is a short article, but the implications are drastic - what will the nation do when sock repair skills die out? I suppose we will need those benefits in order to afford a new pair for our poor cold feet.

Surprising that it's not front page news!

Sarcasm aside, this is another example of the popular perception that "traditional" and "new" skills somehow fall into completely different categories. In my point of view, skills are skills - either way, you have someone knowing how to do or make something. We can't assume that digital literacy is to blame for the loss of tyre-changing knowledge. And why assume that it's any less valuable??

Who knows....perhaps more "young people" are cycling.

Life involves changes - changes in our environment, objects, tools - and it's natural that we adapt our skills. If anyone is worried that the digital age is threatening craft skills, take a look at what you can learn how to do now, thanks to the internet: portrait painting...in chocolate!

Check out this and other DIY ideas at Instructables.

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