Urban Textiles is ALIVE!!!

When I explain that I am interested and work with urban textiles and decorating our urban environment, most people smile nicely and say 'cool' while looking at me in a slightly worried way. So image my delight on coming across Girli concrete! Textiles are embedded and built into the concrete, some of which are woven metals. Oh Joy! I love woven metal. I could weave metal until the cows come home.

The project is a collaboration between Textile designer, Trish Belford and architect, Ruth Morrow. Their aim is to challenge the 'perception of textiles as the ‘dressing’ to structure and instead integrates textile technologies into the production of building products' and 'create innovative ‘soft’ building surfaces'.

I can't convey how much I love this project. For someone that is so passionate about combining textiles and the urban environment, it is brilliant to see some established designers taking this concept seriously.

Girili concrete is currently on display in Belfast at the 'Fabrication' exhibition until March 14th.

Girli Concrete Blog

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