"Shuella", your umbrella shoe !

Hi !
Thinking there were not enough girlie talk out there, and in order to reassure you about a range of interests that are dear to us, I wanted to share with you this amazing wonder of design and object innovation I spotted...

"I have my high heels on inside the boots!" - Beckie

A must have in cloudy London? High heels and rain are not good friends, here is an in-style solution to a universal feminine problem...

Simply genius !
Now I have to say... I don't wear high heels so much, actually never.

Available online at www.shuella.com in the following shades :
Classic Black,
Hot Pink,

Buttercup Yellow,

Apple Green

Includes zippered pouch and drying cloth.
Please note: "SHUELLAS" were designed to be worn in the rain.
Do not wear in snow or on ice!

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