Materials Library takes on Ceramics

On Friday, September 18th the Kings College Materials Library strikes again. Our appetite for tissue was tested at their "Flesh" event. They had us thinking about molecular vibrations at the "Sound of Materials" event. Now their attention turns to "Ceramic", and you can bet they will once again look at this material from every possible angle, from the most technologically impressive to the surprisingly disgusting.

The Materials Library gang will be examining ceramics on the occasion of the V&A's new ceramic gallery opening. It will be held at the V&A, from 6:30 - 9:30, and is free to attend. They always present an eclectic collection of ideas and demonstrations pertaining to the given topic, and in this case, that will include a tea tasting. Tea is consumed in ceramic mugs, after all, and the tasting will present different types of ceramic rather than different types of tea.

Highly recommended.

See http://www.materialslibrary.org.uk for more on the Kings College Materials Library

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