Textiles in da (ware)house!

On 12–13 September 2009, the Science Museum at Wroughton will be holding a Festival of Innovation, when part of the stored collections will be open to the public, supported by a wide range of events on site. Jenny's Ferrofabric and other magnetic stuff will be present.

The Science Museum took ownership of the 545-acre (2.21 km2) former RAF Wroughton airfield in 1979, to be used as a storage facility for the largest objects of the Science Museum. A collection of approximately 20,000 objects are currently kept in six of the hangers, from the first hovercraft to MRI scanners, and computers to (de-activated) nuclear missiles. The Science Museum at Wroughton is currently a museum store serving the conservation, object storage, and transportation needs of the Science Museum, and is not open to the public except during occasional Open Days or on monthly pre-booked group guided tours during the summer.

The site is also home to the Science Museum Library and Archives, which are open to the public by appointment.

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  1. Well done my dear, it sounds exciting ! Can't wait to hear more about it ;)