"Sofa So Good" at Birmingham Interiors

A comfortable and comforting sofa by Amelie Labarthe and Elisabeth Buecher for Ercol and exhibited at the Designersblock's stand. You will never feel lonely watching TV on a Sunday evening.

The "Hair Cushions" that you can stroke, brush and hairdress yourself.

Textile traditions with the embeded canvas hidden under little flaps that you are invited to embroid to make this sofa all yours!

A cats entertainment area has even been provided. So your favourite pet doesn't damage your favourite sofa.

The "Pocket coin" in which you can wipe the bits of cookies to feed the gold fish in the attached tank. And you will never lose the coins which drop from your pockets when you seat because they are caught by the other pockets!

After the "Hair Cushions", the "Hair Tassles", just waiting for their next haircut.

Take a nap, everything is fine, we will wake you up for teatime!