Architectural Knitted Surface II: workshop

I am very excited about this coming workshop on architectural knitted surfaces in which I will take part at Shenkar Univerisity (Israel). There is still some places left so come and join us !

27 June – 1 July 2010

Following the success of the first "Architectural Knitted Surfaces – Digital/Physical" workshop last year, Shenkar University is hosting a second international workshop on the topic in the last week of June 2010. The workshop explores the potential of three-dimensional knitted surfaces as models for thinking about the architectural environment. This year, it will further examine how composite textile surfaces can reflect on the material practices of architectural fabrication. We will develop bespoke computer defined textiles as frameworks for the incorporation of computational attributes; transforming knitted surfaces into robotic membranes by imbedding sensing and actuation into their skin. Combining advances in intelligent textiles with parametric modeling we ask how these new technologies have impact on the way we think, design and make architecture.

The workshop is based on a long-term collaboration between Dr. Eyal Sheffer of the Knitting Laboratory, the department of Textile Design in Shenkar and architect Ayelet Karmon of the Department of Interior – Building and Environment Design in Shenkar. This year we will also extend our collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, by hosting Associate Professor Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, MAA, PhD, Head of CITA, Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, as part of the teaching team.

This 5-day workshop is open to students and professionals from textile design, interior design, architecture, interactive and media design and other related fields.

Further details and registration forms on Shenkar University Website

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