Chelsea Flower Show Canopy 25-29 May

I've just put the final screw into the shade canopy I'm creating for a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. It's for Thrive, a charity that uses gardening to change the lives of disabled people. The garden has been designed by an award winning garden designer - Jo Thompson.

The canopy offers people protection from the sun, yet retains an aura of changeable, magical light. A double-layered system allows light to pass through laser-cut patterned holes in the outer layer, diffusing onto a secondary translucent layer. Like all my canopies, it's designed in a modular way so it can 'grow' to the size of the space - in this case, a bench seat area.

I'm installing it on Friday. Then, all we need is some sun!

More details: joangell.com


  1. I wish I could be around. Take pictures for us ;)

  2. Love you blog and your work! I did pop by in Milan but it was the designers block party and it was v busy. Hope you don't mind but I've just nominated you for the Best Professional Blog over on the Mydeco.com Design Democracy thingy. I'd include a link but its ridiculously long... and theres always google