Kilkenny installation: Day 2

After a morning of hammering and peeling at the National Craft Gallery, the Embracing Technologies exhibition is nearly ready to open. Curator Angela O'Kelley constructed the theme around makers who use new technologies. It's an engaging showcase of work that demonstrates the aesthetic potential of processes such as waterjet cutting, rapid prototyping, and digital printing. The work represents a wide range of disciplines - jewellery, furniture, ceramics and textiles are all included.

I'll post more images in the next couple of days, with work by Tactility Factory and CJ O'Neill among others, but for now, some installation shots:

The creative mind behind Interactive Wallpaper, Rachel Kelly, carefully applying a large-scale wall sticker to the main window. Looks great with the light and I'll post more finished pictures soon!

Jo Angell's Solar Sanctuary is very magical with light cast from the outside window illuminating the modules.

The inspiring scenery from the Kilkenny Castle gardens - a short walk from the gallery.

My Ferrofabric Magnetic Walls installed in a doorframe. Thanks to Angela, John and the gallery team for helping.


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