The Smths Shop

You know, in some TV series there are sometimes "spin offs" being born from one of the character's story...

Well at Puff & Flock I am getting my own spin off, it seems : The Smths Lab, that I started this year with Matteo Oliverio, a brilliant toy designer and person. Both having a passion for playful things, we launched in Milan Design week last April showcasing our new collection of soft toys, textiles, toy-jewels, and a selection of vintage toys. This Studio works in the field of “play and learn” by designing contemporary creations and using characters as a means of empathetic communication with the user. The Smths’ projects range from industrial design to public art and academic research, and is directed to people of all ages, from children to adults who recognize in the play activity a cultural and artistic value.

After some months of hard work, we are happy to present you the Smths Shop !
Inside the online shop you will find 24 brand new products designed and produced by us + a vintage toys page for those of you who can't resist the old school flavor.

Long life to the Smths :)
Spread the word to the world !

Amelie Smth

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