Alexander McQueen SS11: Amazing Textures

Sarah Burton delivered an impressive collection for the Alexander McQueen SS11 runway show in Paris last week.
The textiles were elabourate constructions reminiscent of armour, seemingly crafted by forest dwellers sensitive to their natural surroundings.
Colours referred to the palete of an autumnal woods - cream coloured mushroom caps, orange leaves, rust-coloured lichen, black beetles, yellow foliage and white birds.
The models wore pretty braids, long enough to twirls around their arms and trailing into tapers at the ends. It looked like there were ribbons wrapped in their hair.
It was all very pretty. A return to the gentle side of Alexander McQueen, heavy on the handcraft and nature, and light on the aggression.
Still, the garments spoke of strength. The intensely woven and modern victorian tailored pieces were like exoskeletons of tough little insects, with a taste for modern Victorian tailoring.
view the entire collection's runway video: http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/int/en/corporate/archive2011_ssfilm_womens.aspx

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