Liquid Pattern

If you're interested in infinitely reconfigurable pattern, have a look at the video of Buckyballs. Buckyballs are a set of spherical neodymium magnets named after the carbon molecules which resemble Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes. You can buy a set in the US for $30, where they're become trendy office toys. Check out the video - you'll understand the attraction!
We textile designers are excited by pattern, and many innovators in the field have been trying to offer interactive pattern, where the user can rearrange the geometry of a textile. It's a fascinating activity, for some reason. We like looking through kaleidoscopes and playing Tetris. We like the idea of something being both liquid and rigid, or flexible but structured. Buckyballs are sold as a fun diversion from office work, but they really get to the heart of that relationship between geometry and blobbiness.


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