Puff & Flock published in Duck Journal

Ice-fern by Aurélie Mossé and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

Duck , the electronic journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design published by the University of Loughborough has launched its first issue. This volume explores, through a series of eleven papers, the nature and significance of current Textile Design research and aims to establish a platform for future discourse. Together with designers such as Linda Worbin or Elisabeth Heimdal, Aurélie Mossé from Puff & Flock unfolds her research on energy-harvesting and self-actuated textiles by addressing the role smart textile can play in a domestic context. Discover more about these cutting-edge textile research, the journal is available for free at this link.


  1. Congrats, Aurelie! Looking forward to reading this and future issues.

  2. thanks ;) check out their next call, you should present something too !